Doctor Who: Capaldi’s Final Season

The new season of Doctor Who has come to an end after one hell of a finale that closes the doors on everything with Peter Capaldi’s legacy as the twelfth doctor. It’s been an interesting run for Capaldi and the show as well. With the introduction of the new companion, Bill Potts, it’s the first time The Doctor has had a companion who is attracted to the same sex. The routine hasn’t changed when introducing a new companion. Every time there’s a new companion, the show goes through this cycle where the companion learns everything about The Doctor through their adventures that seasoned fans already know.


By this, I mean: having two hearts, the Tardis, Gallifrey, and eventually the timelord’s ability to regenerate. It was teased several times throughout this season that he would regenerate, but it appeared it was going to happen in the finale of this season. The main plot of this season was centered around a vault that The Doctor had sworn to protect and later became obvious who was inside it. The episodes have been good throughout this season; my favorite one is Extremis. It’s the one episode this season where nobody truly knows what’s going on and had no idea what to expect.


Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie, was the first time the series truly did something different and it broke barriers. She was funny and charming in most episodes, but somewhat clueless in others. That’s to be expected when introducing a new companion, so that shouldn’t be held against her. Another woman that broke barriers was Michelle Gomez who played Missy, the regenerated Master, and was the first time seen that a timelord regenerated into a different sex in this series. Unfortunately, Missy will not return ever again after this season as Michelle Gomez has stated that she’s done with Doctor Who.


Whether Bill Potts will be back or not is to be determined, but her character is left open for a return if possible. The way this season ended was nothing short of heartbreaking with the ending of Peter Capaldi’s final stand against the Cybermen. It’s almost poetic considering the Cybermen were the ones that Peter Capaldi had to defeat in his first year with the show in Death in Heaven. Missy’s exit came at the hands of her predecessor, the former Master (John Simm), and it was brilliant because it’s the way you would expect someone like the master to go. However, don’t count on never seeing the Master again because the character has returned from the dead more than once.


The Master is one of the most iconic villains in the series, so I highly doubt they would get rid of the character now. This is probably just a way of introducing a new master to compete with the new doctor that will be introduced in the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This season constantly teased the regeneration for months now and many thought that it was going to happen last night. Peter Capaldi expressed similar emotions from other doctors and even stated one iconic line that made me shed a tear as he began to regenerate, but then something happened.


Well spoiler alert, he didn’t change. What we got was a surprise arrival of The First Doctor who is being played by David Bradley, who you may know as Lord Frey from Game of Thrones. The makeup and the costume design due justice because David Bradley almost strikes a close resemblance to the late William Hartnell. It was an emotional ending for fans of Peter Capaldi and they will have one last opportunity to see him again as in the Christmas Special. Nobody has been confirmed to be the next doctor yet, but thank you Peter Capaldi for doing a great job with the character.


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