Understanding Depression



Anthony Labson


Depression is like being at the beach

And you’re standing in front of the waves.


It will hit you repeatedly

and you can try to resist

but once the waves get too high

you’ll fall under the pressure.


Once that happens

you’re under.


Your eyes begin to burn

because they can’t stand

to look at what they don’t

want to see and even if you try,

everything is out of focus anyway.


People can try to help

but they don’t understand that

it’s not just problems with sight.

Their words can’t penetrate the water

that fills your ears.


This leaves you deaf to their cries

and the loneliness sinks in.


You believe there’s no hope

that there is nothing to live for

so what’s the point of having air

in your lungs?


It’s better just to invite the water

and let it pull you down further

by then it’s too late.

Hands try to reach you

but your too heavy to pull up.


The numb sensations start

and you move by involuntary reflex.

Your end comes and the wave

takes you out into the ocean.


People think it’s a sign of selfishness

and they don’t deserve the attention.


You are in the right state of mind.

so how can you possibly understand

what you may have never experienced.

In the mind of someone depressed

you are the selfish one.


You say you want them around

because seeing you makes them happy.

But their life is miserable

so to them you’re saying,

“You want them to stay alive

so they can remain miserable?”


It’s a powerful and destructive


If you disagree with me then fine

but I speak from experience.


I’ve been depressed,

I’ve been angry at the world,

and I still fight with it

even to this day.


Yes, others have it worse.

Some people drink

while others smoke

and some do even worse.


Depression is a powerful wave

that has taken many lives.

To those still fighting

You’re in my prayers.



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