The One That Got Away

You call me up in tears

with a heart full of sorrow

and no courage to stand up to your fear

because now you are all alone.


Friends for the longest time,

I was always that shoulder you cried on

when you were hurt or sad. I wasn’t your friend.

I was the brother you always wished you had.


But that would become our undoing

when I wanted us to be something more

and make Romeo and Juliet look like amateurs.

But you couldn’t see me in that way, and so you said no.


Instead, you fell in love with the temp —

the one who had the flashy abs,

the cute smile, and a bright future that came

with a full wallet.


After high school you went with him,

leaving me alone in the cold and silence.

Years go by like days, and I move on,

living my life


And as for you, he kept you happy for a brief time

and made you feel as if you were the one.

Then reality hit and the problems began.

His life isn’t turning out the way he wants.

His parent’s refuse to pay his way.

He doesn’t have the life he’s accustomed to

and that turns the prince into the ogre.

This change causes him to take it out on you.


So, here we are, and you want things to change.

You ask me if the offer is still on the table,

and you try to find some love to reclaim.



I remind her of the choice she made

and the actions that made her my past.

I tell her how sorry I am for her trouble but

there is nothing that I can do.


I tell her to leave him and find somebody new.

And I tell her if she needs help,

she needs to pick up the phone

and dial the boys in blue.


I have to move forward with my life, and,

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t include you.


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