I Love Cats


I never cared for cats.

Never around when you want them

and they rather tend to themselves.


It’s like they don’t want to be

apart of the family.

Fur that was white and grey

so my sister called you Silver.


She loved you but then she couldn’t

take you and so I got stuck

with you.


I hated how you meowed every night

because you wanted to go out

and chase the other cats

as well as hunt the prey

that hid in the darkness.


My legs still ache from the scratches

and because of you,

I wasted a fortune on getting new pants.

God how I wanted to kick you.


As much of a pain as you were,

all of my dogs loved you.

That’s why I always cut you a break

but then it happened.


My dogs started to go away

and when they did, I would find you

on top of my dresser every morning

looking down at me.


That’s when I started to love you.

I didn’t mind your meowing

and I actually enjoyed buying your food.


I grew to admire your independence

and appreciated how you scared away the vermin.

While I couldn’t pet you

or play tug of war.


I did enjoy watching you

especially when you had a full load

of Cat nip.


I laughed so hard

when got scared of your own shadow.

I almost died as you chased a red dot

smacking into the wall.


To this day, I’ll never forget the time

we lost you during the hurricane coming through,

but you found your way back

and it took forever to dry you off.


You were always a survivor.

As the years went on, more loss happened

but you always were around

and I was beginning to give it thought

that you were going to outlive me.


Until it finally happened

and it hit me like a hammer

knocking all the air out

and making it hard to breathe.


You just got too old,

Your claws couldn’t cut wet paper,

and your food would never stay down.


I couldn’t face it.

I never thought I would believe it

but it has happened and

if you could understand me, I want you to know

that you’re the reason I respect cats now.


Excerpt from my novel, Faces of the Masses, available now on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Faces-Masses-Anthony-Labson-ebook/dp/B00R1OHYZW/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


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