Geek Feuds

Different comic brands at war,

which one is better?

DC has the better heroes

but Marvel has the best stories.

One can demolish the other,

A patriot should’ve won the war,

This man is the best flying rodent,

and who hasn’t fantasied about being tied up?

Who was the best captain?

One was an intergalactic pimp

and another was a bad ass in the next generation.

One is the greatest franchise ever!

Who has the fastest ship in the galaxy

and what if you contract STDs from an alien?

But who could resist those beautiful green women

and why would I want a woman who kisses her brother?

Kings, dwarfs, elves and wizards.

That’s what we are, and

Wasting hours of life playing a game

or watching a couple of movies

that take a whole day to see.

A movie about creatures walking

when they had other means of transportation.

It’s a lot better than a game you have to pay

to keep playing every month.

This is just a taste of what it’s like

and I’m not going to start with Anime.


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