A Bully at his Reunion

There is nothing more embarrassing

than seeing the people I hanged with

and they ended up more successful than me.

I was the one voted to succeed!


I was the star in wrestling,

I was tackling quarterbacks in football,

I did work in drama,

I was voted king of the prom.


There’s my queen!

She’s even hotter than she was back then.

If she looked like that back then

I wouldn’t have cheated on her so many times

and teased her about her weight.


How can she marry someone so ugly?

Her husband must have money

There’s no way she can love that stick figure

in that fancy suit with shiny shoes.

People like him I use to step on

after I got him to do my homework.


Wait a minute,

that is the guy that use to do my homework.

This is bullshit!

How can one injury affect so much!


I didn’t have the best grades

but were they that bad that I couldn’t get a real job?

I mean I was a star when I attended here.

I busted my ass to make it to the pros

but I didn’t even get the chance.


Now I’m here with people that did less than me

and their happy with their success.

I’m just sitting here alone at a table

and bathing in my misery.

This is not fair.


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