Just for Love


My friends always ask why I’m waiting?

I’m only getting older and still dating.

They’ve seen them come and go

but why I don’t commit, they want to know.


So, when is what you want me to tell?

Then put down that glass and listen well.

When she can make me smile on any day

that’s when my worst nightmare is her going away.


When she supports me when I want to go far

that’s when I return the favor and raise the bar.

When she can invade my dreams at night

I’ll know I have the best thing in sight.


When she is what makes the world spin,

then I’ll know I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

When she is the first thing that’s on my mind

it’s her that I want watching my behind.

When I can handle the stress that she’ll bring,

maybe she’ll be the perfect fit for that ring.


When I know she can do better but still chooses me

then that’s when a husband I will finally be.

I know that you only get one chance at life

but that doesn’t mean rushing to a wife.

I may have only life to live

but all my love, only one woman I’ll give.


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