For the Divorced

Just Breathe

Amazing the power of a single mother.

When’s the last time you hear

of a mother walking out on her child?

I’m sure there are some who’ve done,

but not this one.


She tried.

God knows, she tried.

She had faith when all others doubted.

She found new levels of tolerance

just to keep her life together.


But sometimes hard work and faith

is done in vain.

A life she’s wanted since youth

has now gone, and there’s no direction.

There’s only questions with no answers.


In all the chaos,

she finds the strength in many places,

she finds herself again,

she looks at her children,

and realizes life must go on.


She may not have the life she wants,

her dreams are nightmares sometimes.

Nothing makes sense

and she asks herself,

“Why do I deserve this?”


The pain started when she explained

to her kids that daddy isn’t coming home.

The worst is when she realizes

she’s sleeping alone at night

with nothing to hold on to or wake up with.


But she persevered not because

she believed he’ll come back to her.

She accepted life is better without him.

She persevered because she knows

life will get better.


It may take time with friends,

it may require a few tears to fall,

it may take a few screams in a pillow,

it may take a few drinks to numb the pain,

and it may mean a change of character.


Life is made of moments

good and bad.

Filled with passion and pain.

She’s suffered enough pain,

now is the time to find passion again.


The first step was the hardest,

and it’s the easiest thing to do.

It’s so helpful, that she wears it

as a reminder when the pain returns.

Just breathe, just breathe.


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