The Romantic: The Prom Date


Had the best night of my life.

I did my research and found the spot.

I got the tuxedo and borrowed my father’s car,

Now I just need to pick up my date.


My hands are sweaty, they’re slipping on the wheel.

I haven’t had anything to drink but I really need to pee.

I’ve been planning this night for weeks

but now everything has gone completely out the window.


I finally get to her house and see steps outside the door.

In a beautiful gown that makes me thank God that I could see.

I wipe the sweat from my face and step outside,

The cold air fills my lungs and I almost faint.


She gets closer so I regain my senses

and rush over to get the door for her.

She laughs a little as I almost trip over the curb

but luckily I don’t fall completely, she just thinks it’s cute.


We drive off and she thinks we’re off to the prom,

amazed that I was able to buy the tickets.

We are the products of less fortunate parents

so after school events are not available to us.


After a few minutes, she begins to get nervous

because she knows now that we’re not heading for the school.

I confess to her that I lied about the tickets

but I do plan on giving her a prom night.


We get where we need to be and her nervousness

turns into a heart-warming sensation.

I take her to the baseball field,

where we met for the first time as kids.


We were on the team together and that’s where it started.

Surgery couldn’t remove us from each other since then

and I take her to the left outfield which is where we collided

while we were trying to catch a fly ball.


The runner got a home run

but I’m the one who scored that day.

I met the girl I knew that I wanted to be with

and after the icepacks came off I asked her out.


Years later, we’re here now.

Sitting on the table cloth and her favorite foods.

Tacos, nachos and ranch dip with a 2 liter soda

and we eat underneath the stars.


She thanks me for making the best of this

because she badly wanted to have a prom night.

I tell her that everyone deserves a prom

even if it’s not at a school with everyone else.


At least this way, we don’t have to worry

about whose going to be prom king and queen

because it looks like we’re winners by default.

She laughs and we stand up to kiss like lovers.


I stop and pull out my cell phone

and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is

“Are you kidding me right now?”

I laugh and tell her to listen very carefully.


Music starts to play over the speakers on the field,

It’s her favorite country song.

The song that she always said that she would want to get married to.

We begin to dance and I wave to the janitor as he leaves the booth.


She tells me how she thinks I’m real smooth

and I tell her that I think there’s no way

this night could get better.

She disagrees.


We begin to kiss and she runs her hands down my chest

but I stop her.

I tell her now is not the night

and I don’t want our first time to be here.


I was afraid I had just killed the mode

but in actuality, I think she appreciates it more.

So we continue to dance on with the music

enjoying the best part about prom night.


When the music ends, we kiss one more time.

I tell her that I love her and I want to be with her.

Tears come out of her eyes and almost cries,

she grips my back with her fingernails.


She tells me that she loves me

and pities every girl in the school.

They will never have what we did,

a prom night meant for lovers.

“Sample from my book of poetry Faces of the Masses available now in print and on Amazon Kindle.”


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