Lady With the Golden Hair

Hair as golden as the sun

and lips as soft as pillows.

Eyes that are windows

to the gates of Heaven.

I would love to be lost

in your paradise.

I wish I could taste your cherry lips

and drink the juices within them.

Whenever she walks into a room,

the sunlight seems to dim.

When you open your mouth and sing,

you can make an opera silent.

With a simple touch of kindness,

you made a statue break out of his shell.

His blood raced through his veins again,

and his eyes filled with salty tears

at the sight of your smile.

I live today because of you then.

I go on now with the thought of seeing you again.

To hear your sweet voice call my name

and send chills through my body.

To feel the embrace

that can only be described as love.

Till I see you again,

my lady with the golden hair.

Love, Your Statue


From Madness in a Recession, available now on Amazon.


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