Poem for the Lost

Help Me!

by Anthony Labson


Help Me!

Before this knife enters

my accepting heart

with the help of my willing hand.


Help Me!

Before I take a swim

off this bridge

into the Hudson River

in the climate of December.


Help Me!

Before I take the ultimate aspirin.

With all the issues going on inside my head

it can only be solved with this number 38.


Help Me!

Before I take this last drink.

I feel numb and my eyes are nearly closed,

and only one more is needed to finish the job.


Help Me!

Before I make myself taller

with this rope around my neck.

Maybe then the world won’t treat me so small.


Help Me!

Before I light this match

and drop it on my kerosene clothes.

Then I will become my very own firework.


Help Me!

This is all I have to say.

But, instead, I give you signs

just to see if you pay attention.

But, instead, you simply turn away.


Somebody please see

that I need you to

help me.


This is a excerpt from my novel Madness in a Recession. Available now on Amazon.


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