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Anthony Labson found his passion in writing at an early age from reading fantasy and science fiction novels. Finding an escape from the outside world by creating one of his own became his greatest gift. He believes that the ability to create a story out of nothing isn’t just a gift, but a miracle and, he believes it was given to him. In a time where everything is remade or rebooted, he also believes creativity is at an all-time low, and now is the time to step up to bring creativity back to the world that’s just sticking to used up ideas.

Anthony Labson began his writing career attending Nova Southeastern University with The Knight Newspaper as a freelance film critic and being published in the N.S.U. magazine Digressions. After graduating in 2008, he frequently self-published poetry and prose on networks to gain momentum from readers. In December of 2011 he realized that he had more to offer; so here he is, taking the next step to being a recognized author. He is currently self-publishing his works hoping to gain attention from readers, agents, and publishers to become a successful writer.

He firmly believes that the reboots and the remakes are a painful step backwards that’s killing dreamers everywhere. The people want to see something fresh and new, not new versions of old ideas. The future is for those who dare to be innovative, no matter how out of the norm it is. If you want something new and something fresh, then please give one of his books a chance. It’s time to bring creativity back in a big way, and Anthony Labson wants to be the one who contributes to that dream. Enjoy and until the next is written.


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