Submission or Pride? I Can’t Decide.

Children can be so cruel to one another,

and I became a victim of that cruelty first hand.

I wondered why it was considered not ok to pick on someone

based on race, religion or gender but it was ok

to pick on somebody because of weight.

Years of pity soon turned into periods of

rage, hatred, and even violence.

Jokes that would take a lifetime to tell and

words that will forever taint my soul.

So, I left a few scars of my own.

The only difference is that mine would show. 

Cowards are strong with tongues, not fists.

That’s when the picking stopped.

When the voices knew I would cross the line

and take things where they were too scared to go.

I found strength in their weakness and in their resentment.

I found joy once the picking stopped after years of trying to break

iron skin with hollow words responsible for the transformation.

Later, for my soul’s sake, I lowered my guard but never

gave in to the resentment that follows me to this day.

But now things have changed.

When I was younger,

if someone had told me that I would die

in 12 months if I didn’t lose the weight,

I would have said give me 11 months and

3 weeks

to think about it.

But now I am older and

I have friends who truly care about me

who want to see my outside match my inside.

Is that why I started? No.

My job requires lots of physical activity

that I can’t keep up with because of my

lack of physical ability.

Is this why I’ve started? No.

Physical attraction sure sounds like enough

of a motive but is that why…

I’ll save time by answering hell no!

Any woman that would just be with me

cause of the six pack can take six steps


I look at my two cousins

who I’ve seen grow into two beautiful girls, and

I want to be alive to see them grow,

graduate and get married. Then

I also look at my nephew who was just born.

I want to be a part of his life and see him grow,

maybe into a football star, or just see him

become a great man like his father or

maybe his loving uncle.

Is this why I’ve started? Mostly.

It’s the little part which I’m not sure about.

As I lose weight, I start to think back about those time

and all the anger comes back.

This is supposed to make me feel better about myself

and fill my soul with pride, but sometimes it feels like

submission to those words that have tainted me

like a scarlet letter. 

I do notice the difference,

and I feel a new source of energy.

But feelings still remain.

I’ve always taken pride in myself

and my abilities because that’s the way

I was brought up.

But am I feeling pride in what I’m doing,

or am I submitting to those voices?

I just can’t figure out which one.

From my novel, Madness in a Recession. Available on Amazon Kindle or print.


Black Panther Roars!

Black Panther is arguably the most anticipated film starring a Marvel comic character, next to Deadpool 2 and Avenger: Infinity Wars. Chadwick Boseman returns after thrilling audiences with his performance as the new king of Wakanda, T’Challa, in Captain America: Civil War. This time, he’s joined with an all star cast in Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett, Forrest Whitaker, and Martin Freeman. Fans will not be disappointed with this two-and-a-half-hour film that sets the bar high for films in 2018. It’s a film that goes far beyond the big screen and has decades of history building up to this moment.


The Black Panther has been around since his arrival in an issue of The Fantastic Four back in 1966. The character has also made appearances in several television cartoons, video games and now films. T’Challa has always remained constant in the Marvel universe for several reasons other than a fancy cat suit. The Black Panther is armed with unlimited wealth, dangerous fighting techniques, and superior technology. His sole mission, the protection of his country Wakanda and to keep its secrets hidden from the outside world.


The film stays true to these principles; starting off a week after the events of Captain America: Civil War. In that short amount of time, T’Challa is just realizing his potential as king and as the new black panther. While T’Challa does what he can, other players are working behind the scenes to dethrone the new king for personal reasons. Michael B. Jordan provides a methodical, vicious antagonist for Boseman by portraying someone with deep scars connected to Wakanda. Jordan’s performance is spot on and the chemistry between the two delivers for one hell of a showdown in the film.


Some of the best moments of the film are when you get to see certain parts of Wakanda and the rituals that take place. Some scenes are so beautiful, it almost breaks your heart because you have to remember that’s not a real place. The film is dragged out in some areas, but those are short lived, and the action sequences are terrific. The gadgets are somewhat farfetched, but the film does find a way of making it work. There are some political views expressed in the film that may turn off people who just want to be entertained, but I’m not going there.


Black Panther is a fun ride with a well written story that sets up Marvel for arguably their biggest release, Avenger: Infinity Wars. There’s two post film scenes; one in the middle and the other one is at the end. I give this film a nine out of ten only because of the dragging scenes and farfetched gadgets, but this film is virtually perfect. I’m not saying that Deadpool and Avengers won’t beat it, but they have a high bar to reach. Congratulations to all involved on bringing this highly anticipated character to life and I will be seeing this movie again as soon as possible.


Happy Valentine’s Day

How to say I Love you.


Anthony Labson


Don’t say “I love you”

with a serpent’s tongue.

Spreading your false energy

through my veins — that’s worse than

any venom and murders the heart the quickest.


Don’t say “I love you”

like a child does a toy,

something that is to be enjoyed

for a short period time and then discarded

without a care for the one who is used

and will be left alone in dark misery.


Don’t say “I love you”

at all.


Give that person a gift

at an unexpected time,

and give it for no reason.


Kiss that person,

not with lustful intentions

but with meaningful ones.


Do something for that person,

not because they asked

but because you want to for them.


Be there for that person

no matter what the reason,

even when they don’t want you to.


Look each other in the eyes

and enjoy that moment of silence,

that moment where words have no purpose.


Finally, hold that hand.

That is always the first step

and will always be the most important one.


If you want to say “I love you”

and actually mean it.

Then don’t say it at all.


From my novel, Madness in a Recession. Available now on Amazon.


Walking in 30 degree weather,

wearing shorts and sandals

in the middle of the night,

and for what?



His height reaches my ankle

and he’s a breed between a regular dog

and a farm animal.


But, unfortunately, is as fast as lightning.

When a door is left open,

it’s a mistake waiting to happen and

that’s what leads me here.


The odds of me finding this dog

in these conditions are as good as

a man with no tongue winning

a spelling bee.


So why am I doing this?

For one main reason.


I’ve been punched in the face,

kicked in the stomach,

survived a car crash,

broken my leg,

bruised ribs,

overcome illnesses.


No problem.


But the one thing that always hurts my heart

more than the unfaithful,

the materialistic,

and the dependent,

is the sight of seeing my sister’s face in a pillow,

soaking the sheets in her tears

and filling the room with her sorrow

because I failed her.


I’d rather freeze to death.



Children leave to treat,

Adults go out to find tricks.

Whose Halloween for?




The sun rises now

Caressing bodies with love.

I envy the view.




Lovers kiss in bliss,

Lovers merge in ecstasy,

Thank you sweet Cupid.




Time to roast and feast,

watch the floats and stuff the birds.

Please save my drumsticks.




Look under the sea

For my little red lobster.

I’m here with butter.


Heart is an organ,

love is what gives it purpose.

Tread wisely my friend.




Winter silence comes

bringing solitude and peace.

Let the world rejoice.




I hate waking up

and going to school, but I

love to sit by her.




Cupid’s arrows reign

reminding passion moments.

This is my Christmas.

A Brilliant Robin

Ever since you and Mindy met,

I have never been able to keep my eyes off you.

When I saw you sail in with Olive

and flex your big forearms,

I knew you were a brilliant Robin.

I never needed toys

cause I watch you for amusement.

I never had to go fishing with grandpa

because I was watching a king on the screen.

The way you made us laugh with Comic Relief.

It was like watching poetry in motion,

like you were the leader of a dead society.

And you touched our hearts with more than comedy.

You’ve been everywhere from cold Moscow

to seeing a good morning in Vietnam.

Just to see you do what you can do

is a real awakening.

The way you can change colors

by turning into a big blue clown,

making dreams of a pauper come true

easier than saying Bibidy Bobidy Boo.

You’ve even changed sexes,

and proved that being an old lady

can be funny and lovable.

It’s almost like you have artificial intelligence.

Then, there is your voice

that hides so many others.

If I didn’t know any better Jack,

I’d say you were a machine covered in furry skin.

You can’t be real.

It’s like you popped out of Neverland

because you never get old in spirit.

There’s always a fresh joke for you to tell.

No birdcage can hold you.

I would have an easier time

trying to catch air with hands.

Your humor is what dreams can come.

You have done so much a man can do.

It’s almost like you have Insomnia

because you never seem to sleep.

You should be man of the year.

If there was a museum of you,

I’d wait all night there with happy feet.

I’d take a picture of you,

and rush it to one hour photo.

I hope somehow I get to meet you someday.

So, until then I will say thank you for everything.

You are a brilliant Robin, and, until there is another,

Good Hunting Mr. Williams.

Excerpt from my novel, Madness in a Recession, available on Amazon.

Disrespected Beauty

Cosmetics were created just

so women could have a chance

to look as beautiful

as this person in front of me.

But the real attraction isn’t the physical.


She has a spirit as wild as a free animal

and just as dangerous when on the hunt.

Armed with a sharp mind and juggernaut drive,

she can hold her own without breaking a sweat.


Backing up any argument and never willing

to show incompetence just so a weak-minded fool

could feel better about himself.

Even though he has the money to take care of her

for life.


She can’t be bought with green paper

and white pearl jewelry.

The only green and white she cares to see

is a grass background with a beautiful white wedding.


She has everything to offer a qualified man.

But can she find him? No.

The problem with having both

beauty and brains

is arrogant men don’t see the brains.


She would speak of the economy

and the laws of supply and demand,

but the only demand he would want

is her supply, and her only supply for him

would be a surplus of right slaps, free of charge.


When the topics of politics came up,

he would talk about being a donkey,

and, when she would walk away, he’d call her an


Then talk him down till he didn’t have any peanuts.


When talks of the future are brought up,

the plans from her view go beyond years

but always find guys who look for what happens

at the end of the date.

The only thing that ends is their ambitions.


She has balanced ratio of body and soul,

but all they see is breast to posterior.

All she asks for is to be seen

for what she is: a woman.


Who has a point of view,

a political side, a faith, a life’s

agenda, a career, and a desire to find

a man who won’t be threatened by it.

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