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Anthony LabsonAnthony Labson



A Murder for a Murder: September 11th 2026 

A day of remembrance turns into a dark reminder as once again there is a terrorist attack on the 25th anniversary of September 11th. A group of civilians, including the Mayor of New York are being held hostage. Threatened by a group of terrorists that have been plotting the attack for years with deadly intentions in mind. Being held for a ransom, the President of the United States will be forced to make a choice. Will he give in to the demands of a murderer or do something so radical, it would change the very image of what America stands for.

The events of this date will bring back feelings from the first 9/11 attacks like anger and sorrow as well as desires for revenge and retribution. All eyes now focus on a president who decides to make a radical move that throws everyone into uncharted waters. How will the world respond to these actions and most importantly, will it strengthen or weaken the nation he’s sworn to protect? Who will rise with the sun on September 12th when the deadline is met? Policies will be challenged, people will be conflicted, and a nation will remember that terrorism only needs a time, a place, and the most important thing of all…casualties.

The attacks on 9/11/01 was the darkest day I ever had and I wrote this as a reminder that freedom will always have enemies. Thank you for your contribution and your support. This is my first book to start off a long and hopefully successful career so I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this story as I have creating it. A special thank you to the military for keeping us safe and making sure that another 9/11 doesn’t happen again. Until the next is written.


The Wall

There is a secret society known to many as The Wall. For some, people who are working behind the scenes to maintain order when the law fails those that depend on the system for security. To others, a ruthless group of vigilantes that are taking the laws into their hands and destroying the very image of Justice. An eager reporter gains the opportunity to interview a leader of a Wall cell and during the interview, he listens to tales of members that are different but come together for a disturbing conclusion.

In a country where not everyone can get justice because of reasons outside of their control, there is a place to go. When criminals break the laws and are freed on technicalities and cracks in the system, they soon find that there are no technicalities or no cracks when they face The Wall. Nobody can hide behind a flawed system that protects the rights of those who don’t deserve them. The guilty may appear innocent but with resources provided by unknown sources, they all break when they go head on with a society of vigilantes. When the system that’s meant to protect the people it serves fails them, how do criminals not expect the people to fight back?

If you’re a fan of vigilante stories then you will enjoy this piece. Deep down I think this novel touches the thought of a place where people take the laws into their own hands. The problem with that is it leads down a slippery slope into anarchy but what if there was a structure? What if there was a society of people who work together to keep the peace without jeopardizing their own lives in the balance? Read this to find out and until the next is written.


The Merlin Show

When I was growing up I always believed that the legend of King Arthur was something out of a modern day talk show. Think about it, a child from a king who manipulated a woman, who then rises to be king himself and marry a woman who would only cheat on him with his best friend. To make matters worse he would be manipulated into having intercourse with his half-sister and they would have a child of incest. If that doesn’t sound like something that would make a great talk show topic then I don’t know what does. With the hardest working wizard in talk shows with his trusty troll by his side, The Merlin Show is something good to read if you’re looking for a break.

A short and sweet piece for you to pick up, laugh and finish to put you in a better mood and enjoy your day. This started out as a project I wrote for a college course but when it ended. I had people coming up to me and asking why I wasn’t training to be a comedian. I love to make people laugh and this is something I know you will enjoy.

This is the first play I’ve ever written and to be clear, nothing is to be taken seriously about this play. There is mature themes in this play so I suggest this not be given to children under the age of 12. Again, if you want a great laugh then this short play is for you and please check out my other works. Until the next is written.


Confessions of a Vampire

A famous killer returns on Halloween night but this time the only life he wants to take is his own. The problem with his ambition is that his religious views are in the way of his plan coming to fruition. The killer has a theory that if he is given forgiveness then he will gain an opportunity to enter Heaven, not because he is a killer, but a vampire as well. A curse that was forced upon him when he was human and made him go into hiding. Now after a century of torment, he has decided to call it quits but not before achieving absolution.

An unlucky priest finds himself meeting the most evil creature he will ever come across as he is forced to listen to his confession. He will listen as this villain reveals intimate details that no history book could’ve ever known about. He will hear his sins and then decide whether he can forgive this man for the evil he has done and the evil he is. Will he help this killer achieve his goals or be victim to a monster’s rage? Will the killer’s belief pay off or is his madness blinding him to the fact that he is beyond redemption.

This is a dark tale not meant for anyone young so buy at your own risk. If you’re a fan of horror or vampires, this book is for you. I hope you deeply enjoy this and after you’re done, take a look at my other works. Until the next is written.


New Age Rebels

Nations rise and fall, but it’s the people who live in that time that decide whether a civilization becomes the Phoenix or submits to the raven. This novel is based on what one man can do when a culture gets so desperate after depending on a pattern that’s done nothing but leads them to stray. With ideas so radical, he is willing to tear apart the fundamentals on which the United States was founded for his ambitions. He sells the dream for the new United States that is owned and not free but is once again strong. However, the president soon finds nothing happens without resistance.

Men and women of the former United States military stand against the president and his corrupt agenda. Branded as Rebels by a bias media and seen as traitors by the government, they quickly assemble another army. With the threat of another civil war rising, a deal was formed that would keep the country united as a formality. Being allowed to live in Restricted Zones, people live in selected states and uphold the old traditions as long as obligations are met by both parties.

Everything goes according to plan for a brief time, and the country has moved on after the events of The Great Division. Now, something threatens the peace and starts a chain of destruction that is leading the country to another civil war. Certain individuals from opposite sides realize the danger and decide to act to uncover a conspiracy. United by a common belief, they must rush to save lives and a country they both love. Enjoy and until the next is written.


Cupid’s Gamble

Times change and so do legends that pass on through the generations but never stop influencing cultures. We live in a time where logic and facts have explained many questions about our past but we still love mythology. We are blessed with priceless stories that have been told a thousand times over through literature, art and film but now it’s time for something original. This novel is based off the mythology of Cupid or Eros in Greek mythology. It’s a story about how the gods have changed throughout history and why they left while Cupid stayed.

Cupid is abandoned on Earth with an unwelcomed entity with a mysterious past bound to him for its entire existence. The only purpose of this entity is to fuel humanity with envy, rage and jealousy through influence but never through will. It becomes an unstable relationship that pushes Cupid over the edge after several centuries of his foe undoing his labors and being a burden among the people he loves. So he decides to play a game where the winner could potentially harm the very people he cares for but also give Cupid the peace he has long desired.

Cupid gives his foe a series of chances to find love and win something it values more than a relationship or power but not without stipulations. What starts out as a simple bet turns into chaos when the gods of old hear of Cupid’s gamble and urge him to call it off. The past becomes clear with every life that takes place and the present becomes more dangerous as the bet comes to a close. Cupid will eventually have to decide what’s more important after being warned of a dark fate that will occur if he doesn’t. Are the people of Earth worth more than a simple gamble between one’s own pride and another’s identity?

Madness in a RecessionMadness in a Recession by [Labson, Anthony]

My name is Anthony Labson and this is my first publication and it’s mostly based on specific events in my life. This poetry book is also about the people I’ve met during one of the toughest times in my lifetime and the struggles they have gone through. Growing up wasn’t easy for me so over the years I wrote these poems as a vent for my emotions and those emotions are in this piece. For anyone that’s ever felt like an outcast, lost their faith, or just hated life in general, this eBook is for you. My hope is when you read this eBook, you know that you are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Why do I believe that this book is worth your purchase? All of these poems don’t just reflect me or one person but reflect specific issues that are universal. This isn’t just a book of words coming together to fill a page. It’s a book containing vast emotions experienced by several people who have experienced the recession in their own way. Some of these poems will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some will even terrify you.

By the end of this eBook however, you will fall in love with one or more of these poems. It’s my most sincere wish that you enjoy this and hopefully help me start and continue my career with writing. Thank you for your time and hopefully your purchase. Please be kind and share this with others so those still in the darkness can hopefully find a light. Until the next is written.

Faces of the Masses

It’s been two years since I released my first book of poetry, Madness in a Recession so I felt it was time to return to my favorite genre. I’ve been through a journey of encountering new faces and witnessing new stories as life has changed for me. People who are still suffering from the effects of what we’re now calling “The Great Recession.” People who have loved and lost both in people and in faith. People who have found reasons for living and stand as inspirations for others.

There has also been a vast number of stories that have captured the attention of the masses. Issues such as privacy, birth control, gun violence, the difference between love and sex, and old fears. The last two years have been nothing short of a roller coaster and this is what most of this book of poetry is based on. Like my last one, there will be some that you’ll love and others that will touch your heart. Also like my previous book, I’ve posted some poems based from my own life as well as throwing in some personal beliefs.

The only difference is this time it’s all together instead of separating one from the other. It’s been a long time since I dipped into poetry and I’ve been meaning to come back. It’s been rough for me for a while but my life has gotten better since I started doing what I truly feel passionate about. At the core, the greatest stories in life are within the one’s that lived it so that’s why I enjoy writing these poems. I sincerely hope that you enjoy these poems and that you continue to follow my work. Until the next is written.


Boot Camp 666

Let’s be honest when I say that we’ve all seen children who we thought needed some form of help. Whether it’s watching them running around in public areas or you see them acting like fools on daytime talk shows. The fun part about those shows is watching an authority figure come out and teaching the kids right from wrong. That’s where the idea came for Boot Camp 666 came in. I decided to come up with a screenplay about what could happen if things went wrong for the kids who attended boot camp.

This is a dark comedy about a group of individuals who get into trouble on the anniversary of the day they went to Boot Camp Unit 66. After breaking laws and ending up in an interrogation room, they fight for what’s left of their freedom by defending themselves by using the past. Each character shares their story and how it leads to them leaving boot camp a changed person but for a short period. The torment, the pain and the outrageousness they all endured by the horror they know as Drill Sergeant. Someone who says inappropriate things that shouldn’t be said to children while putting them through hell.

If you’re the kind of person that gets easily offended, then I suggest that you don’t bother reading this because of the context used by Drill Sergeant. This is a work of fiction that isn’t meant to be taken seriously but I know how some people are, so reader be advised. To those with an open mind, I hope you give this consideration and that you enjoy this work. Thank you for your attention and until the next is written.


Leo Clarkson

Leo Clarkson lives his life in solitude with no regard for life or anything that has to do with it. A loner who has survived an abused childhood and now makes a living as a contract killer. However, things change when a simple contract becomes a lot more complicated when the target is someone from Leo’s past. The only person that Leo has ever cared about and this begins to take Leo down an unknown path that will be the start of a longer journey.

Leo goes through a rapid transformation in order to save a life instead of taking one. He goes against everything that a professional should do and fights to protect the target from a crime lord. A crime lord that wants the target dead for his own sake and freedom. Once Leo makes his choice, all of the weight of New Orleans is put on his shoulders and puts Leo through his first struggle as a contract killer. With Leo fighting the odds and his own personal battle, he must find a way to show that this time he can be a hero, not a killer.

For the target, she will see how much one person can mean to somebody and how they can help change people for the better. This is the first part in The Leo Trilogy and it will be a long journey, but will it be worth it in the end? Can Leo be the hero she wants him to be or go back to being a ruthless killer? Enjoy Leo: The Cold Killer and if you like what you read then keep in touch when part two, Leo: Government Issue is released. Until the next is written.


Leo: Government Issued

After spending months in prison for the killing of Tony Giovanni, Leo Clarkson awaits to be executed. Wanting an end to his misery and overwhelmed by his depression due to losing Sara; Leo couldn’t run fast enough to the needle. After a lifetime of spilling blood, he’s glad the only blood left will be his own. Life wouldn’t be so kind to him when he is denied his much wanted death and is thrown into a scheme involving corrupt agents and a classified briefcase. The only reason Leo gets involved is because of a secret that’s being kept from him and it’s just too good to pass up. The only catch is, Leo is going to have to go home.

Returning to South Florida, he has to befriend the leader of the most powerful gang and retrieve something that was stolen in a briefcase. While everything seems like random events, Leo soon realizes that it’s all connected in some form or another as he slips back into a world of vice. The home that he knew as a child has changed and is just as dark as his former life because of the gangs that run the streets. During Leo’s journey, he confronts his past both physically and mentally, but he won’t do it alone. Leo will be relying on an old friend to help him survive while a new friend helps him reclaim his humanity. He will need all the help he can get when he begins to battle his greatest enemy, himself.

The voice that has haunted him since his childhood makes his return to try and lure him back to Leo’s old ways of killing for his reputation and status. The only thing keeping him from going completely insane is the memory of Sara and his desire to honor her memory. There will be death, there will be sorrow, and there will be a choice to make after the anarchy. One way or another, the events in this novel will set the course for the last part in Leo’s journey. Keep an eye open for the final book, Leo: One Last Bullet. Until the next is written.


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