My Take on COVID-19

Well, the whole world has gone crazy because of COVID-19, or coronavirus and things aren’t looking any better. I work overnights at a supermarket and can’t tell you how hard it is to keep products on the shelf. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, to say the least. A lot of local businesses are also suffering and people are scared to leave their homes around here. The thing that makes it worse is the constant traffic of miscommunication seen and printed.

Whatever is happening in your area if there is an outbreak, I hope you’re safe and happy. Enjoy what you can outside because there’s no guarantee that you will able to leave the house tomorrow. There’s already talk of a curfew starting at 10 p.m. and all my classes have been moved to online. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the workers who will not be able to work because of the pandemic. Hopefully, some kind of treatment will be created and life will return to normal soon.

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April Fool’s Day Poem

No Love For The Joker

What makes a Joker more of a man

than a king?


A king has hundreds of people

that serve him, prepare his food,

clothes him, cleans him,

and gets everything he wants.

Covered with jewelry, surrounded

by stone walls and steel.


He can start wars with whomever

and take other people’s land.

The people he conquers become his slaves

and he uses glory to explain chaos.

For that his name will go into the record books

and generations will remember his name.


A king’s ambition for power and the

preservation of his legacy is his only concern

even at the expense of the people “He” serves.

A Joker doesn’t need all this.


All a joker asks for is a smile

and he is willing to get it by his own

expense if necessary.

For that, you call him a fool.

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The Wall on Amazon!

There is a secret society known to many as The Wall. For some, people who are working behind the scenes to maintain order when the law fails those that depend on the system for security. To others, a ruthless group of vigilantes that are taking the laws into their hands and destroying the very image of Justice. An eager reporter gains the opportunity to interview a leader of a Wall cell and during the interview, he listens to tales of members that are different but come together for a disturbing conclusion.
In a country where not everyone can get justice because of reasons outside of their control, there is a place to go. When criminals break the laws and are freed on technicalities and cracks in the system, they soon find that there are no technicalities or no cracks when they face The Wall. Nobody can hide behind a flawed system that protects the rights of those who don’t deserve them. The guilty may appear innocent but with resources provided by unknown sources, they all break when they go head on with a society of vigilantes. When the system that’s meant to protect the people it serves fails them, how do criminals not expect the people to fight back?

If you’re a fan of vigilante stories then you will enjoy this piece. Deep down I think this novel touches the thought of a place where people take the laws into their own hands. The problem with that is it leads down a slippery slope into anarchy but what if there was a structure? What if there was a society of people who work together to keep the peace without jeopardizing their own lives in the balance? Read this to find out and until the next is written.

Plain and Patterns

A floor is a floor.

That’s what we usually think

until it’s time to have our own.

Everything changes after that.


Carpets are always a plan.

Soft on the feet and

penny saver for your wallet.

Just have to deal with the dust underneath.


Wood covered floors are popular.

Not too hard on the feet, not a pocket breaker

but you end up buying carpet anyway

so, what’s the point?


Tiles are another option.

Grant it that it adds more prestige,

there’s just so many options

when it comes to what to put down.


Plain squares, bordered with grouts.

It’s quite boring but easy installation.

Just have to deal with constant mopping

but the stains are easy to clean up.


Patterns however are a little bit more fun

there’s something about them that adds appeal.

Circles, multiple colors, and all kinds of designs

that gives off a great vibe when entering a house.


Imagine sitting down and looking at them,

like looking up at the clouds and trying

to see something in them.

Keeps the mind fresh and imagination flowing.

Interesting how we ignore something

that’s always underneath our feet.

But when it’s time to have our own.

That’s when we take consideration.

Clothes and Coal

One thing I always despised was

when I woke up and saw under that tree

those damn boxes on Christmas day. Tell me

where on my Christmas List did I write that

I wanted a pair of jeans, socks, and shirts?


I wanted the gun to go with Duck hunt.

Instead, I got a blue and white sweatshirt that

my mom got. What am I supposed

to do with this? And am I the only one that

was embarrassed whenever I’d find a pair

of underwear that I would never wear

in a lifetime. I could hang myself with

all the tight whites.


I wanted my video games.

I wanted my board games, my action figures and marbles

. Instead I got stuff that I would only

stuff into a closet and never see again.


I’d rather just have a lump of coal.

That way, I could throw it at something

and have some sort of fun, or maybe even

retribution. I could throw it at someone, like a

a bully who thinks he’s better than me and

believes he can pick on me when he can.


Maybe a teacher who gave me a bad grade

or maybe a neighbor who gave me a hard

time. That’s better than any pair of shirts.

I hated getting clothes on Christmas day.

Now that I’m older and don’t have time

for my games. I just need clothes.

Casting the Stone

As I walk up to the only gates that matter
I see three souls stuck in the clouds.
To my amazement,
They were sad, crying.
I thought it was because of the ones they left behind.
Their wives, children, and beloved friends
and the memories they spent with them.
But that’s not it.
The souls appeared to have steam rising
from their clothes.
I feared the worse for them.
I walk up to Him and I say,
“Hello, it’s been a long time coming.
May I ask why are they there and not joining me
in paradise?”
He says, “They thought themselves innocent.
They threw stones that started
building a foundation
that lead them to their damnation.
The first one is guilty of Murder.
No, he did not kill his parents for money or his
best friend for his wife.
His killing spree started with ants, using the sun
to burn them and it didn’t end there.
Many animals followed, some were for sport,
others because he believed they had no value.
Pitting them against each other for money
or running over them on the street even though
he had time to stop and let them go.
All life is precious no matter how big or small
in size and purpose.
The second one is guilty of Baring False Witness.
He believed himself pure of faith and resented
all those who didn’t have the same conviction.
He memorized every line, he attended every ceremony,
He spent more time reading the word but
not understanding the meaning of the word.
He soon became consumed by that one fault.
The corrupted that followed would
be safe from his wrath and those
who would have the courage to stay innocent,
The scars he inflicted will now be measured unto
The final one is guilty of Stealing.
No, he didn’t steal a candy bar from a vendor
or a man’s prom date.
He stole homes and he stole futures hiding it
behind promise of progress.
He mentioned so much that could be gained,
before those who would gain great loss could fight back,
everything was already gone.
He claimed to be making better homes
and better neighborhoods but while he
reap the rewards of his new design,
hundreds were left out in the cold.
Unable to move back in those expensive new homes,
they now suffered in the streets while those
who already had homes took up more space.
Money isn’t the only thing that can be stolen
and here it has no value compared to a life.
That is why they wait for damnation.
They believed themselves without sin
and constantly kept throwing stones.
Now those stones will weigh them down into the inferno.”
My mind is full of fear now.
“Well then, I won’t waste your time, I am guilty of such
sins too. I hunted deer in the season, I’m not the most devoted, and I have stolen from time to time.
Sometimes it was a candy bar and sometimes it was more.”
He says, “But you never hid it.
You can admit your sins unto me
and that counts for something.
Now have a seat and let us begin.”
From my novel, Faces of the Masses, available on Amazon. #Amazon #poetry #poets #religion #judgement


I’m tired of this bullshit!

It’s a never-ending cycle

because no matter how much I save

something always happens that

makes me waste my savings.


Tires go bad,

I go to the hospital,

computer needs repair,

phone needs repair,

hair needs to be cut,

toenails are ingrown,

loans have to be paid,

taxes go up,

gas goes up,

flu shots,




my girlfriend’s birthday,

car battery died,

cable bills,

oil changes,

health insurance,

life insurance,

dental plan,

did I eat today?


How will I ever save money?

I’ll never know.

I feel like a horse

in medieval times.

I haul shit for miles

only to get a couple of sips

at each end of the trip.


What’s the point of trying to save money?

Just because you have it in case shit happens

doesn’t mean you actually want shit to happen.


I’m going to go out to a bar

where guys go to see skanky girls

and shove 151 right down my throat.


At least this way,

I’ll feel that I’ve accomplished something

that I’ve wanted to do for a while

with my savings.

Help Me!

Help Me!

Before this knife enters

my accepting heart

with the help of my willing hand.


Help Me!

Before I take a swim

off this bridge

into the Hudson River

in the climate of December.


Help Me!

Before I take the ultimate aspirin.

With all the issues going on inside my head

it can only be solved with this number 38.


Help Me!

Before I take this last drink.

I feel numb and my eyes are nearly closed,

and only one more is needed to finish the job.


Help Me!

Before I make myself taller

with this rope around my neck.

Maybe then the world won’t treat me so small.


Help Me!

Before I light this match

and drop it on my kerosene clothes.

Then I will become my very own firework.


Help Me!

This is all I have to say.

But, instead, I give you signs

just to see if you pay attention.

But, instead, you simply turn away.

Somebody please see

that I need you to

help me.

No Limitations

In Rawanda,

there was a man

who managed a hotel

and one decision

made him a hero.


In Russia,

a politician rose

in a country that was forgotten.

Now it’s once again a superpower

with all eyes on what will happen.


In the United States,

a preacher made a stand

and had a dream

now we celebrate a day

in his honor.


In the United Kingdom,

a boy came from nothing

then became a Rock and Roll icon

even though it left a bad taste

in his mouth.


A woman from Albania

joined a holy order and became

more than just a servant.

She is a saint

no matter what is said.


In Germany,

a paper hanger decided to

‘save’ the nation he loved.

He became the greatest evil

the world has ever seen.


In India,

someone was tired

of kneeling to a foreign power.

So he starved himself,

willing to die for his belief.


In France,

a girl heard the voice of God.

She went on to lead her people

against an unstoppable army.

A saint to some, dangerous to others.


History is filled with people

who accomplished something

that will cement them in history.

Some for good reasons

and others not.


But there’s one thing that

can’t be denied.

It’s that location is irrelevant,

Class is not a handicap,

There is no weaker sex.


There is nothing stopping you

from being great.

There is only you

and your constitution

to achieve your goals.


You may believe in obstacles

but all you have is excuses.

The first step is accepting the truth.

There are no barriers, no walls and

no limitations.

Another Page

I always remember

how I fell asleep in History.

I’d close my eyes in utter ignorance

and pray for the bell to ring.


Pearl Harbor — big deal.

They killed our men,

sunk our ships,

and brought the war to us.


Big mistake, Mr. Miyagi.

We dropped the bomb,

destroyed their cities,

and made them tap out.


It was 60 years ago.

I thought it was time to let it go.

It was just another page in history.

So, I fell asleep like an ass.


Now, I stand here at the ground

that buried 3,000 people, and I cry because while they were being crushed and burnt,


I was laughing and eating lunch with my friends.


I cry because I regret my ignorance.

I feel now what others felt

the day those ships sank

and our men were being drowned

or shot by plane fire.


I cry because I realize

that I won’t be the last

to forget why we remember.


these events in history.


I will remember where I was.

how I found out, what I ate at lunch,

who I was with, what kind of day

it was, and how people reacted.


After another 60 years,

there will be the another ass

who will lower his head

and wait for the bell

because to him

it’s just another page.



Virus Update

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing well while practicing social distancing and staying healthy during this unprecedented crisis. This is what’s been going on in my life and why I’m not posting daily. I work for a grocery store and have been working long hours that take me away from writing. My classes are all being done online which I’m not a fan of, but I’m handling everything well. I don’t know what you all have been seeing, but here’s what I’ve been observing since the crisis began.

Working overnights is nothing new to me because that’s what I normally do, but it means more when you come into shelves that have been wiped out. People are scared and I have dealt with a fair share of rudeness. However, I’ve dealt with a lot more respect from people who come to me to look for help and they express their gratitude often now. The customers seem to have a more positive attitude most of the time and they’re not doing anything really out of the norm. They shop, they see someone they recognize, they stop and take up half the aisle to talk.

Have to take humor in the little things. I haven’t seen many people wearing masks, but then again, I’m only exposed to the customers on average three hours a day. It’s really amazing how fast the products have moved from the shelves and I’ve worked during hurricanes and holidays for the past ten years. The products are usually gone minutes after the products are placed on the shelves. In frozen foods, I never have enough broccoli florets, corn, or spinach because it’s all gone before I leave the store.

While some are looking at the negative points of view because they can’t go anywhere to get something to eat or have a movie night. I tend to look at this more as an opportunity because I have more time to read more, get work done for school, write my books and catch up on the shows I watch on Hulu. I don’t know what the future holds, but the one thing I like to urge is to stay positive with whatever your situation is. Our country has survived a lot in our history and this one will be no different. Just keep the faith and enjoy the little things because this will pass and life will get back to normal.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe.

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